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KIBA x TAK Waterman

Tak Waterman X Kiba Lures Sinking Stickbait

Tak Waterman X Kiba Lures Sinking Stickbait

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Adding to our exclusive collaboration with Kiba Lures with his hand crafted stickbait made in Indonesia. It has a natural bait fish profile that will mimic most of our local forage. At 100 grams (unrigged) it will also cast like a bullet and has an enticing wobble action on the fall. It can be fished fast or slow in rough or calm water and is an extremely versatile lure with a variety of retrieve styles.

Recommended hook size: BKK Raptor Z 2/0 or Lone Diablo 7/0


100 Gram (unrigged)

Wood Stickbait

Thru Wire Construction 





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