Savage Gear | 3D Pulse Tail Trout

Savage Gear | 3D Pulse Tail Trout


Delivering all the same great qualities and fish catching abilities of the original 4D Pulsetail Trout, the Savage Gear 8” Pulsetail Trout RTF Swimbait is equipped with a top hook configuration for anglers who want to fish with a fixed jig hook. It features a game-changing Pulse Tail design that delivers a subtle, ultra-realistic action, that can be fishing at slow, medium, and even high speeds with a tail-thumping motion. An innovative slot is also incorporated into the top of the tail so the angler can modify their swimbait with scent or a rattle to further tempt any unconvinced trophy lunkers into tasting your trout. Savage Gear applied the same attention to detail that they did in the tail to the rest of the body. With its incredibly life-like body profile and colors, the bass in your lake simply won’t be able to ignore it.

On the top of the bait, the Savage Gear 8” Pulsetail Trout RTF Swimbait features a heavy-duty jig hook for rock solid hook sets. It also features a split dorsal design with a heavy-duty treble hook secured with steel cable to an anchor point behind the jig hook to minimize hardware exposure for a more natural presentation to fool the weariest of fish. Available in a variety of ultra-realistic photoprint colors, the Savage Gear 8” Pulsetail Trout RTF Swimbait looks and swims like the real thing, making it an exceptional tool for trophy anglers in any body of water.

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