Nomad Design | Vertrex Max Vibe


Maximum vibration and maximum depth are what the Vertrex Max is all about. The deep body profile combined with finely tuned internal weights delivers a soft vibration bait that sinks level and does not spin when sinking. This allows you to get down to the fish faster and allows a more lifelike presentation when you get there. The Vertrex Max has HUGE vibration when lifted and it can be fished with a fast lift or a very slow lift. If you are new to “vibing” then the Max is a great place to start. It is ideally suited to slightly deeper applications over 2.4m / 8ft of water and can be used to great effect in high current situations as well as slow current. The Vertrex Max sinks 2X faster than the Vertrex Swim model.

Ideal for targeting: Striped Bass, Black Sea Bass

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