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No Live Bait Needed

No Live Bait Needed (NLBN) | 5" Paddle Tail

No Live Bait Needed (NLBN) | 5" Paddle Tail

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The No Live Bait Needed (NLBN) 5-Inch Paddle Tail Swimbait is designed to be one of the most versatile big-game saltwater swimbaits you can find. 

No Live Bait Needed was not satisfied with other swimbaits on the market, as they have a thinner profile and are designed for "slow-rolling" in still waters with a large boot tail and lots of body roll.  This design is easily overpowered in heavy currents, so NLBN decided to solve the issue.

After 3 years in development, many re-designs, and 1000's of fish later, here is what they came up with:

  • A thicker profile 5" paddle tail swimbait with very little body roll.
  • Paddle tail baits are designed to fish a 3oz head in strong currents and not be overpowered but can also be "slow rolled" on a 1/2oz head on slack tide and produce a perfect kicking action.
  • Natural, bright, and dark colors with iridescent additives that could be fished in both clear and dirty waters, day or night with realistic flash

    Available in 5 colors.  Sold in a 3-pack.


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