Fish Lab MAD EEL

FishLab Tackle is becoming known for its high quality baits and lifelike swimming actions and this is no exception with the introduction of the Mad Eel family of baits for 2020.

From the Cape Cod Canal, Florida Offshore or the kelp beds of Southern California, the Mad Eel was designed to be the best jigging/search bait on the market.

“The Mad Eel family of swimbaits was designed for most coastal and intercoastal markets with an impressive swimming action to cover a great amount of water.” states Mike Bennett, Product Development Manager. “These baits hold a special place for me, and I wanted to create the best swimming and most lifelike bait out there.”

The Mad Eel lineup consists of three lengths featuring 7”, 7 ½” and 8” models, these baits have a heavy side to side rolling action for increased water displacement in low light, running water and stained water conditions. The ribbed belly design also moves more water that prey fish can feel. The specially designed jig hook keeps fish pinned to the hook even through violent head shakes that would dislodge the standard J-style hook designs. Each package will contain one head and two bodies.

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