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Jigging World A.M.F. Jig Rod

Jigging World A.M.F. Jig Rod

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Jigging World AMF Jigging Rods are constructed with the finest carbon sheets from Japan that enhances the overall strength and durability of these rods. As many anglers are starting to get accustomed to jigging and popping for larger-class sized Bluefin, Yellowfin & Big Eye Tuna, the AMF series is one that stands out amongst the crowd that is truly designed for battling larger pelagic species. 

The AMF series is a collaboration with Ralph Craft - owner of Crafty One Customs in Portsmouth, RI. Crafty One Customs has been building on our carbon fiber blanks since our start in this game and has been an enormous helping hand in our continued efforts to innovate and design some of the best blanks and rods out today. AMF stands for Alpha Mike Foxtrot - which was commonly used back during the Vietnam War. Our interpretation of the AMF acronym in conjunction with the Tuna in the Crosshair logo is that once hooked up with a larger class-sized fish, it's almost a sure bet that you'll land that fish. 

Compared to other jigging rods out today, we've designed the AMF series to have all the required strength and backbone but comes with a more moderate bend under load that reduces stress and fatigue on the angler. This allows an enjoyable fight against smaller class-sized fish as well. If you're an angler looking to be able to fight a larger class-sized pelagic fish from start to finish without handing off the rod, the AMF Jigging Rod is your best bet. 


  • Blank Constructed With 24T Japanese Carbon Fiber
  • FUJI DPS (Spinning) & PLS (Conventional) Graphite Reel Seat With Double Lock
  • FUJI BCKWAG Guides
  • Premium EVA Grips
  • Rubber Gimbal
  • 1 Piece Fishing Rods
  • Available In Spinning And Conventional Models
  • All Conventional Models Made With Spiral Wrapped Guides

Specification Chart:

Model Type Length Line Weight Lure Weight Weight
JW-AMF-J53C Conventional 5'3" 80-130 lb 6-10 oz 12.4 oz
JW-AMF-J53S Spinning 5'3" 80-130 lb 6-10 oz 12.7 oz


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