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Jack Fin

Jack Fin Kronos 220 Popper

Jack Fin Kronos 220 Popper

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Kronos 220 is a popper with incredible performance. The shape and balance makes this popper unique and allow the fisherman to customize the fishing action as much as possible. With short jerking retrieve it produces large water explosions, while with long jerking you get big and noisy bubble trails.
Kronos 220 is designed and engineered to attract predators from very deep waters and is able to swim in all the sea condition.
Kronos 220 is studied for heavy tropical fishing, it has a 2.1 mm stainless steel wire and the colors are protected by several layers of extra-strong glossy finish.

  • Length: 220 mm
  • Weight: 170 gr
  • Action: floating
  • Main target: GT

Hook settings:

  • 2 Treble hooks 7/0
  • (belly) treble hook 7/0 (tail) treble hook 6/0
  • 2 Treble hooks 6/0
  • (belly) Treble hook 7/0 or 6/0 (tail) single hook from 7/0 to 10/0


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