Menhaden "Bunker"

Menhaden are a vital food source for striped bass, also known as rockfish or striper, which are a type of marine fish found in the coastal waters of the western Atlantic Ocean. Striped bass are apex predators that rely on a variety of prey species to survive, and menhaden make up a significant portion of their diet, especially during the summer months.

In addition to providing a source of nutrition, menhaden play an important role in the overall ecosystem by serving as a primary link in the food chain. Menhaden filter large quantities of plankton and other small organisms from the water, which helps to control the population of these species and maintain a balance in the ecosystem.

The importance of menhaden to striped bass and the overall ecosystem has led to efforts to manage and sustainably harvest these fish. Menhaden populations have faced significant declines in the past due to overfishing, but efforts by governments and conservation groups have helped to rebuild their numbers and ensure the long-term viability of this important species.

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