Megabass Vatalion


If you use your rod tip to work the Megabass® Vatalion, you're doing it wrong! This unique hybrid vibration-and-glide bait is strictly a stop-and-go bait, precisely calibrated to execute its own deadly moves. You'll have to see it to believe it: stop reeling, and the Vatalion immediately ceases its forward motion and slides out to the left or right. And the action is different with different retrieves! Worked slowly, the Vatalion kicks out sharply – great for pinpoint work, while a fast reel causes it to tighten up and execute a high-pitched rolling action that's highly effective in open water. Single-jointed body with raised dorsal, super-realistic contouring and baitfish detail; equipped with premium hooks. Extremely fun to fish due to its irregular action, the Megabass Vatalion is proof that Nature rewards the unusual – in this case, with bone-crushing strikes.

  • Designed to be fished in a stop-and-go fashion
  • Immediately slides to the side on the pause
  • Work slowly for sharp glide bait action
  • Work faster for rolling, vibrating action
  • Single-jointed body with raised dorsal
  • Super-realistic contouring and baitfish detail
  • Equipped with premium hooks

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