Megabass TRIGYA PENCIL 200

This limited production run handmade wooden pencil bait from MegabassCarrozzeria primarily targets large blue fish such as bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, kingfish and yellowtail. The intense wobbling and water agitation generated during power jerking and the bubbles that envelope the whole body during dives make target fish swimming at depths of 10m and below rush towards the surface. By reducing the sideways skating motion of the lure, the straight swimming motion of a fleeing bait fish has been reproduced. This also drastically reduces missed bites. The body design removes the thick and short tail found on typical large pencil baits, adopting a slender tail design that increases responsiveness. The realistic high speed escape motions of bait fish combined with alluring fluttering and flashing captivate even the most selective tuna. The piercingφ1.6㎜ heavy duty hardened steel hooks have the power to dominate record breaking big fish. This completely handmade lure is for the record breakers out there. 

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