Jigging World | "The Bone" Rattle Stickbaits

Jigging World | "The Bone" Rattle Stickbaits


The Bone, is a topwater classic style spook lure where if used properly, it will “walk the dog” on the surface. Walk The Dog is a deadly action that zig zags from left to right when twitched with your wrists with slack on the line. Internally, there are several stainless steel balls that emit a loud frequency. All models are through-wired for maximum durability.

All models are equipped with two 3X treble hooks.

All sizes float and the main target of species are striped bass and bluefish for the North Eastern U.S. waters.

Beware of deadly explosive strikes that will have your heart racing!

Available unrigged and rigged with hooks for Bone color 5'" and 6.5".

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