CCW Mini Darter

This plug has been on my mind ever since I developed the original CCW Darter. My goal was to scale down the original while maintaining the same action and I was pleased to see that they did. 
These baits produce very well during the fall migration when mullet, peanut bunker, and juvenile weakfish make their way south. I wish I had access to smallmouth bass because I believe these will be excellent in that environment as well. In saltwater they have the same irregular darting action as the larger version while tracking at about 4 to 5 feet deep. I believe that it's the irregularity of the action that makes them so attractive to wily fish that might ignore other baits.  For freshwater Largemouth I have had great success retrieving this plug by keeping it just deep enough to see it and reeling with a slow steady pace. The plug will have a very subtle roll off of a straight line when reeling it in. It's when the plug rolls that the hits come and they have been violent!

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